Editorial photo shoot!

Hello all you Vixens!! And welcome to The Forest!!

Today I'm going to tell you all about our editorial photo shoot and some inside juicy snip it's!

The day started early with models, make -up artists, photographers, film crew and of course the Prodigal Fox team.
Everyone was hyped and full of raw energy even our mascot dog Rumble,( who's totally adorable and we all fell in love with!).

After bacon sandwiches and coffee ( prepared by our very own host "The Don") we were ready to start.

Female Models off to get their make up done , photographers off with Jess aka "The Fox" to set up the first scene , film crew preparing, and of course Lauren aka "The Kit" and I aka "Prodigal 1" we're dressing the male models!! ( shirts off and a quick iron!) , most important job! Of course!

Once all ready and out side for the first shot , the lovely models Sandra ( crazy cute from Croatia ) , the loveable Teddy ( our gorgeous Greek) and not forgetting Harrison ( hand made in Britain - of the finest quality!). We were ready for action!
As you can see from the photograph not the easiest of tasks for our Dirty Dogs (male models), juggling Sandra , boxes and drinks whilst not trying not to make a mark on "The Dons" car!!

Needless to say lots of hilarious moments! One I can tell you about Harrison may kill me, however here we go....... Harrison is the most endearing handsome chap one could work with , full of humour so when this happens to him it was particularly funny!! So off he goes to load up as many boxes as possible , as you can tell he's struggling to keep his pose! At the moment of cheese, goes a slightly quieter when we hear a little noise coming from Harrison's bottom!!! It's not what you think!! He's only gone and ripped his trousers in two!! Well being the character he is , we were all in Stitches .....

A good start to the morning, and yes it did set the Prodigal Fox tone for the rest of the day!

Thanks all tell you more soon love The Prodigal 1!

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